Tenant Services

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We want to respond to our tenants’ needs and concerns quickly, so please contact us right away with your comments, questions, concerns or requests.

  • Phone:  (360) 754-4072
  • Emergency maintenance: (360) 227-3405 (please also call 9-1-1)
  • Email at  manager@westlakesapts.com
    • *email is the most effective way to reach us 

Tenant Resources

We work hard to provide quick service that exceeds your expectations. The forms below allow you to contact us for specific purpose.

Work-Order Request

You may call us at   (360) 754-4072  or email us your Work Order Request by filling out the simple form below. Please have the Resident Name, Unit # and the specific maintenance issue ready.

Reserving the Social Room

Residents are allowed to reserve the social room for events by filling out and submitting the Social Room Use Agreement. You can download the form here, fill it out and bring it by the office before your event.

Reporting a Disturbance or Complaint

If you need to report a disturbance or have a concern or complaint, please call us at   (360) 754-4072  or fill out this form and we will be notified of the issue and will follow up.

Giving Notice

If you are giving notice to vacate your apartment, please refer to your copy of your lease agreement for the notification terms, then download and print our 20-Day Notice Intent to Vacate Form and complete the form and submit it to the office. Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.